I want Government to hear me

Expert government relations

I can help you by:

  • Analysing, defining and prioritising your strategy
  • Developing policy arguments
  • Providing a coordinated and clear approach
  • Taking your message to the right government agencies and key stakeholders
  • Crafting submissions and policy documents
  • Working with you in the Select Committee process

“I'd like to acknowledge Deborah Hart, [who] has also contributed a large amount of ideas, and intelligent, practical advice.”
 — Maggie Barry, MP, Hansard, 1 May 2019

Why me?

  • My intensive (and extensive) involvement in many law reform processes
  • I am experienced in advocating with officials and regulatory authorities
  • I have drafted numerous submissions for Select Committee, as well as appearing in front of it and supporting others in the Select Committee process
  • I am currently the part-time Director of pro-smokefree lobby group ASH NZ
  • Experience in preparing relevant media material
  • A past appointee to work with the government on issues such as family justice and SMEs
  • I have provided political intelligence to many organisations

Deb Hart Consulting