Talking low fixed use charges in electricity pricing with Kathryn Ryan

11 Mar 2024

I spoke with Kathryn Ryan, Nine to Noon on need for affordable electricity for all and the impact of the removal of low fixed user charges.


Business as Unusual - what consumers want and need from their electricity system

05 Mar 2024

Keynote address given at the electricity sector's Downstream Conference

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New protections for electricity consumers

01 Feb 2024

One of the projects I have worked so hard on is ensuring basic protections for all residential electricity consumers. And today, the regulator took a giant step forward to ensure those protections.

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Independent Electoral Review Published

16 Jan 2024

Today the government released the findings of the independent electoral review, which I chaired. If the report is adopted, it will make our elections fairer, clearer and more accessible.

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NZ Herald: Jewish children are facing rampant antisemitism in NZ schools.

16 Dec 2023

"No matter what is going on internationally or politically, schools should be a place of learning and safety for all children.”

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Electricity bills shouldn't be a riddle

26 Sep 2023

Appearing on The Project and talking about how we can improve electricity bills and save millions of dollars for consumers

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