Remembering the Holocaust

27 Jan 2021

At a ceremony in Auckland, attended by some 400 guests including The Rt Hon. Dame Patsy Reddy, Governor General, Deborah Hart gave an address about her family story, the resilience of refugees and the essential work of the H...

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When your child follows you into the law

19 Dec 2020

63 years to the day after my family found sanctuary in New Zealand, I am on my feet in the High Court, in Wellington, moving the admission to the bar of my son, Sam.

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Smokefree Campaign Director, Deborah Hart is Disappointed

07 Dec 2020

It's disappointing when the Government says that a critical piece of work is coming and it never seems to appear - that is the story for a smokefree plan. Talking to Duncan Garner on the AM Show on what is needed now.

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Top diverse board-ready directors 2021

05 Oct 2020

The Super Diversity Institute for Law, policy and Business in partnership with the Ministry of Ethnic Affairs names deborah Hart as one of the top diverse board-ready directors.

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A Year of Consulting

15 Sep 2020

It's been over a year since I farewelled the salary and the carpark to start Deborah Hart Consulting. I've learnt a lot, but admit I still have a lot to learn, especially about balancing work commitments - all tips gratefully...

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What to do when a legal problem becomes a lobbying problem

07 Aug 2020

Government relations is not for the faint-hearted, Writing for LawTalk, I present what I think works.

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