Never Again - the Message from Holocaust Remembrance

28 Jan 2020

Speaking at the United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance Day Commemorations

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What epidemic?

23 Jan 2020

Before the actual epidemic - covid, there was talk of an epidemic that never was. Discussing the non-epidemic and the offer of a ministerial warrant on the AM Show.

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Vaping restrictions in public places will lead to more smokers

18 Dec 2019

Talking to TV One News on why stopping people vaping on beaches will have the unintended consequences. Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking according to the Royal College of Physicians. We should want people to quit smo...

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Deborah Hart talks to Breakfast TV about why vaping legislation is needed now

27 Nov 2019

The government has thus far failed to provide legislation to regulate vaping. Its a problem for kids being enticed to vape and its a problem for those trying to quit smoking. Talking to Hayley Holt as Director of the pro-q...

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Vaping legislation and how it will ensure we are smokefree

27 Nov 2019

News at Six interviews Deborah Hart on the need for vaping legislation.

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Unity concert to commemorate Kristellnacht

04 Nov 2019

Kristellnacht, the night of broken glass is commemorated. Deb Hart talks to Radio NZ